How To Keep Your Menstrual Cycle Comfortable & Hygienic

As we follow a day-to-day routine we follow a specific timetable where events & elements are added or deleted as per privilege in time. Either it is men or women your body functionality may possess some of the other similarities. But here we are about speak regarding the women’s menstrual cycle which comes across every 21 to 35 days. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon in women leading to a series of natural changes in the uterus & ovaries of a female reproductive system that primarily helps to make pregnancy possible.


The process includes a cyclical rise & fall of hormones that prompt the production & growth of oocytes. The hormones progesterone stimulates the uterus lining to thicken & accommodate an embryo. The blood supply of thickened lining helps supply the necessary nutrients to the embryo. If the implantation doesn’t occur, the lining breaks down & the blood is released. But the menstrual cycle does follow various phases which are as follows:

Stages of the menstrual cycle

Either it is any ailment or change in your body, every person goes through a specific phase which is sub-divided into various categorical phases as per the change of ailment. Below are the mentioned four phases for the menstrual cycle:


Menstrual Phase

The first phase of the menstrual cycle where the egg developed from the previous cycles hasn’t undergone fertilization. That is when the estrogen & progesterone drop drastically and the thick lining of the uterus which supports pregnancy is no longer needed. Hence it drops of the vagina in the form of blood, but it is an actual combination of blood, mucus & tissue from the uterus.


Follicular Phase

The follicular phase is a regeneration phase that starts after the first day when you have your periods, it ends when you start ovulating. It starts when the hormones stimulate your ovaries to produce around 5 to 20 small sacs which are primarily known as follicles. The follicles compose of immature eggs & only the healthy eventually mature.


Ovulation Phase

The ovulation phase is when your ovaries release a mature egg & this is the stage when your ovary releases a mature egg. The egg travels through the fallopian tube where it waits for the sperm to get fertilized. This is the only phase that allows a window for you to get pregnant.


Luteal Phase

This phase comes across two possibilities if you do get pregnant, your body will produce human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone pregnancy test detected helping the corpus luteum and keeps the uterine lining thick. If you don’t get pregnant the corpus luteum will shrink away and be resorbed.

A necessary measure to manage a menstrual cycle

Hygiene is extremely necessary on day to day basis as well. But when it comes to terms of the menstrual cycle it is necessary. Below are few aspects which help nicely manage the menstrual cycle:

Change Your Sanitary Napkins Every 4 To 6 Hours

As the blood released from the body attracts various organisms from our bodies, which may multiply in the warmth of blood, and cause irritation, rashes, or urinary tract infection. Hence using the right herbal beauty products online shopping would help keep you clean & safe.

Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin With Anion Chip
Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin With Anion Chip

Wash Your Vagina Properly

Keeping up your vagina clean by using the right products do play a vital role.


Stay Away From Intimate Hygiene Products  

Keep yourself clean is a priority & utilizing the best products in the market also do play a vital role. But vagina has its cleaning mechanism which comes into play during the menstrual cycle. These artificial hygiene products can hamper the natural process leading to the growth of bacteria.


Use Of Herbal Products

Apart from being clean is not the only aspect which plays a vital role. But utilizing the right herbal beauty products online also does play a vital role. As it not only helps you stay healthy but also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.


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