Duh No Hair- Hair Removal Kit


Duh No Hair- Hair Removal Kit


No Hair -Hair Removal Kit consists of :-
1) Duh No Hair- Hair Removal Powder
(net weight :100 grams )
2) Duh Rosa- Premium Rose water
(net weight :100 ml)

Benefits :
– Helps to instantly remove hair from body in less than 20minutes !
– Free from harmful chemicals
– Reduces growth with regular usage
– Made with 98 % natural ingredients
– Doesn’t darken the skin
– Painless and effective way of removing hair instantly without any hassle

Directions :
Make thick paste with Duh Rosa Premium Rose Water. Apply on desired areas for 15-20min and once it dries, wipe off with wet cloth in opposite direction.

Haïr Regrowth Time :
7-10days depending upon the growth.

No Hair -Hair Removal Ingredients:
Natural ingredients :
Rose petal powder
Sandalwood powder
Fullers earth
Lemon peel powder
Orange peel powder
Synthetic Ingredients:
2 % baS

Duh Rosa- Premium Rose Water Ingredients:
100 % purified rose water

PS: Not recommended for sensitive facial skin

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